1. Public Talk on ‘India for Diversity’ By Dr.Suraj Yengde, Fellow with W.E.B.DuBois Institute at Hutchins Centre, Harvard University on 05-01-2018
  2. Interaction with Alcira Forvo Pena, Professor, Of Social Science in Cony-City University of Newyork on 05-02-2018
  3. National Seminar on Revisiting the Kerala Model: A Gender Perspective on 27-02-2018 & 28-02-2018
  4. Five Day Theature Workshop for Students in collaboration with Nireeksha Women's theature, Thiruvananthapuram from 4th to 8th March 2018
  5. One Day Workshop for WDC Coordinators on 14-03-2018
  6. Screening of Documentary “Thozhil Kendrathilekku” on 26-07-2018
  7. Special Lecture Programme on Gender in Media and Sexuality Studies by Dr. Muraleedharan Tharayil on 03-08-2018
  8. Malayala Dinaghosham Discussion on "Keralathinde Sthree Paksham" on 01.11.2018
  9. Panel Discussion on Gender Justice: Challenges to Constitutionalism. Panel-Advt.P.M Athira, Dr.Abhilash Gopinath, Dr. T.V Madhu, Dr.N Sebastian, Dr.M.B Manoj
  10. National Seminar on Gender & SRH Rights from 5th to 7th Decemeber 2018.

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